The conference registration module delivers functions to manage the whole booking and payment process. Conference organizers define booking items such as packages, workshops or social events. User-friendly forms allow visitors to find the right package. Interfaces to credit card providers are provided. After booking online registry generates automatically necessary PDF documents, like invoices, payment confirmations, cancellation or credit notes, and certificates of attendance. At any time detailed statistics give an overview about current numbers and amounts.

1. Definition of booking items

Before the registration process can start, the booking items need to be defined. For that, the Online Registry allows to enter items such as packages, workshops, social events and extras. Pricing is flexible and can depend on membership status of the user. Additionally earlybird, regular and late fees are supported.

2. Simple booking procedure for users

User-friendly forms allow visitors to easiely register for the conference. Within a three-step process he can select booking items and check the invoice recipient, check the summary and fees and make the final booking. If the organizer allows credit cards, the user can immediatly make the payment.

Immedialty the PDF invoice is beeing created in the background and sent to the user. After recieving the payment, a PDF payment confirmation is sent out.

All created PDFs are based on templates that are easy to modify using OpenOffice, LibreOffice or MS Word.

3. Management of invoices, confirmations, cancellations and credit notes

The treasurer of a conference organizer team has access to detailled lists about open, payed or cancelled invoices. Entering additional infos or making manual modifications of bookings are supported.

In case of cancellations credit notes can be created.

4. Bonus vouchers or credit notes

Online Registry suppors to issue bonus vouchers (i.e. To invited speakers, or organizer staff). In case of cancellations. Bonus vouchers can be issued for a free conference participation, for free scientific programme, or for a reduction of a certain amount.

Recipients of bonus vouchers receive an email with a bonus voucher code. When entering this code during registration the reductions will be granted.

5. Reminders

Online Registry keeps track of the payment status of all invoices and therefore can figure out delays in payment. With one click the system can send email reminders to such users automatically. All templates can be defined and tested by the conference organizers.

6. Waiting list for limited booking items

Several booking items can have limited resources as rooms are often limited to a maximum amount of persons, or as there can be limited space for Social events.

Online Registry supports to enter such limitations. If a booking item is fully booked, visitors can be automatically set on a waiting list, and are automatically reminded if space becomes available.

7. Accounting statistics

Detailled Accounting statistics always provide an overview about created invoices, registered persons and total amounts.

Please note that this list is only a short summary of all features provided by Online Registry. If you have got any questions, please contact us. You can also take a look at our demo system to try things out by yourself.